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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK I LOVED today's episode. The Colleen-Santo stuff and the Andre-Sami-Lucas-EJ stuff was well done and I loved that in the midst of Sami's talk about Lucas's "unconditional" love that they showed Andre rolling his eyes!!! LMFAO. I was rolling my eyes with him.

The kid who is playing Young Old Man Brady is a really good actor. Because I don't think I've ever hated a child character more than I hate YOMB for all his crying and interfering and sniveling in this story just to keep his sister from getting laid by the hot Italian guy. But at least we now know with certainty where the Bradys get their simpering sanctimony from. ;)

Trevor Donovan was fricking AWESOME! I hope they keep Jeremy gray and kinda badass renegade like this. After the past two days, I've decided I could totally get into this college age set if they just end the Chett madness and send Jett far, far away. And I think it would be fun if they made Jeremy and Nick "odd couple" sort of roommates.

The only thing I thought was kind of bad was the spray-in fake gray hair and beard made Pete look like a guy dressed as a hobo for Halloween or some high school kid playing an old man in a play.

Overall though, this was really great and tomorrow should be even better. :D
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