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Steve Frame
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I didn't get to watch live today and just watched my tape. This was the best show all week for me. It's back on the trend again after 2 slow days.

I am actually back to liking Gwen in her scenes when I don't have to look at her every day. I am enjoying her more. See JP and Goutman balance means a whole lot.

I am so in love with the Paul/Rosanna/Meg/Craig stuff. It was great today. I am loving Craig scrambling like he does. I am so happy Cady is back.

The end was great with Winston seeing Luke and Noah. That was a good cliffhanger. Like I said in another post getting Luke & Noah involved in the other stories helps me like it alot.

I still wish if they were going to go the str8 guy trying not to turn gay route, they should have just went with Kevin. ATWT fans knew him - yet knew nothign about his family. It could have easily been created for this story. At least all the characters wouldn't have been new.

Really good show overall today. And sorry Ron but Luke/Noah was not the highlight. They were part of the ensemble.
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