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"When I started at AMC" says James, "I remember Rebecca Budig telling me the story of when she been working with Josh Duhamel and he picked her up and she fell and split her head open, had stitches and staples put in her head, came back to work and carried on. So I feel I now have one of those stories. For the new kids, I can say, "Well, let me tell you: I had malaria, traveled for a day and half through the bush, pumped myself up with some drugs whilst on the phone with my manager saying, "I will be there," spent 38 hours on a plane, got pumped up with more drugs was released from the hospital, and 30 minutes later I was on the set-and I wasn't late!"

That, in the nutshell, is the strange-but-true story of what happened to Scott when he traveled to Madagascar during Day's recent hiatus. "I woke one morning with a fever, feeling achy but thinking, this will pass," he recounts. "But it just got worse and worse I was thinking, 'What kind of strange tropical disease have I got'?" The answer was malaria, which Scott contracted via a mosquito bite, even though he had taken anti-malarial medication. "As soon as you you know you have it, the actor continues, "you need serious medical attention because the clock is ticking. By the way time I got to see a doctor. I was a mess."

Despite the severity of his condition. Scott managed to get word back to his agent back home, who notified Ed Scott. With the actor set to tape scenes in just a few days, an emergency casting call went out for his replacement, a "27-35 year old gorgeous brunet actor over 6'1 with an English accent. A temporary replacement", Scott clarifies. "It's not like they saw it as a window of opportunity! But I was lying in the hospital going, "No, I'll be there! "If I'd been able to stand outside of myself, I would have said, "What are you talking about you idiot? Stop being a hero and lie down!"

Once he was well enough to travel, Scott flew back to the states and received further treatment. "By the next morning, I felt considerably better," he notes. "I chatted with Ed Scott and told him I'd be making it in. They discharged me at 3 and I was on the set by 3:30. I'm still weak, but the difference is remarkable."

Despite his quick recovery. Scott quips of the disease, "I wouldn't recommend it."

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