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I wasn't sure whether I was gonna like Dirty Sexy Money (based on the promos), but shit man... I Tivo'd it while I watched live last night and then re-watched the pilot like half an hour later. That's how much I loved it. LOL It's so soapy and fun and funny. Definitely the best new show I've seen this season. :)

Donald Sutherland, Peter Krause, Natalie Zea, Samaire Armstrong and Seth Gabel (mmmmm mmm! he's hot) were the stand-outs for me, but I enjoyed everyone. It impressed me how well-cast this show is. Each actor and actress in the cast seemed to be the perfect fit for their character.

I think Karen is my favorite Darling thus far. I was LMAO during that scene in Nick's office when she just casually mentioned to her fiancÚ that Nick deflowered her ("What, Nick? It's just the truth."). I wonder what's going to happen with those two.

Oh and I was howling when Patrick's girlfriend opened her mouth and that deep voice came out. OMG! LOL :lol:
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