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Hinsey Hag ranted about Margaret raping Todd? Wait! I thought it was just a show? ~rme~

Let me guess? Big Todd fan?

I can guess how she would have reacted if GH had Sonny raped the way they did poor Jax. <_<

She's so full of it. I'm glad she trolls boards. Like her buddy Logan, she has the principles and integrity of a cockroach.

She's a bullheaded ignoramus who I am sure won't even bother to read the many links fans have sent her, because you know, she knows better than all of us and aren't we silly. ~rme~

It irked me, too, that she acted as if this is *just* a matter of personal opinion. Um, no, not when there is easily-Googled evidence out there that men can be raped, that state laws forbid it, and that women in the U.S. have been prosecuted for it. It's like arguing whether or not the earth is flat.

Liking or dislikng characters is a matter of personal opinion. The question of male rape is NOT.

She makes me sick.
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