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Steve Frame
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Sep 27 2007, 01:59 PM
Sep 27 2007, 01:50 PM
Cassie there is always some big story on Days even if they don't make the cover. That is the reason I still say that GH and Days are their biggest hardons and the exact reason I don't buy the mags anymore. And that comes from one who still loves GH and when I quit was one of Days biggest fans. There are 9 daytime shows that they are supposed to be covering and if they can't do that then they don't deserve my money.

Just curious, why did you quit DAYS?

Well I have been disoriented and disenchanted with the show for awhile now and just over the last few weeks just kind of quit. I still tape but on my 4th week that I haven't even watched any of the tapes. I am keeping them in case I want or get the desire to watch at some point, but right now just don't have the desire too - even though some are saying it is better. I believe the ones like IMissAremid and King who are saying it because I trust them as they complain when it is bad and only praise it when it is good - so I trust them because of that - but I just don't have the desire left in me to find out anymore.

A month ago finding out about the possible death of one of my favorites would have sent me on a tirade but now I jsut don't have any feeling about it at all. That is sad for me since I have watched the show since 1970.
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