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From The World of Bold & the Beautiful

As reported below, SUSAN FLANNERY (Stephanie) took time off recently for a combination of vacation time and time to recover from illness. The actress was under the weather prior to the show's summer hiatus in early August and requested additional time to recover. Since Stephanie's presence in the story was pivotal and recasting an actress of Ms. Flannery's caliber was out of the question, scripts had to be rewritten to accommodate the absence of the actress. John McCook (Eric) tells Soap Opera Weekly that powerful scenes where Eric packed Stephanie's bags and threw her out of the house had to be scrapped for the rewrites. Still, McCook is relieved that his co-star is recovering, stating, "I respect what happened. Susan was sick. She's better now. When she gets back, all hell will break loose." In the meantime, the actor is making the most of Eric's time without Stephanie around, confident that Stephanie will "get her due over and over again" when she makes her reappearance.

As far as that reappearance goes, Flannery was due back on the set the week of September 17, with Stephanie's first airdate scheduled for October 19.

Lynda Hirsch's syndicated soap column reports that Flannery suffers from fibromyalgia, an intermittent, interconnective tissue ailment which is not fatal, but has numerous debilitating symptoms. At its worst, "sleep" becomes the sufferers one and only hobby, and the sufferer also feels severe muscle aches.

The World of B&B is pleased that Ms. Flannery's better after her illness and looks forward to seeing her back on the screen in October, since her presence was sorely missed.
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