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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Thanks for your comments guys.

While I am glad that you agreed with me Psychofan, I would hope even if you hadn't agreed with me or you ever read my columns in the future and you disagree with them that you will say how and why you disagree because I truly welcome any and all feedback and I hope that at one point or another one of my columns will actually provoke discussion rather than just be me blathering for 1,000 words and a couple people letting me know they read it. LOL.

And Mason, I do agree with you that DAYS is pretty good right now. So much so I almost wound up doing a column on something else this week, but I just had to get this off my chest right now since the ratings issue is such a big topic.

Hopefully Days can gain some new viewers next week. I actually bought SOD at the supermarket today (why? I don't know. Guess I'm just a sucker) and wound up talking to the clerk about DOOL a little bit while he was ringing me up. He said he used to watch DOOL back in high school and asked me if Bo and Hope were still together. LOL. I mentioned something about getting hooked on it again thanks to SoapNet and he asked me what time it comes on because maybe he'd give it another try. Even though he was probably just making conversation, that was still just a reminder for me of how many people know DOOL even if they aren't watching it right now and a little more hopeful that maybe if DOOL could come up with some miracle of an awesome story maybe people would tune back in again at a respectable level. Also, it made feel good that as much as I bitch about this show on message boards I can say I am doing my part to try to improve ratings I swear. LOL.
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