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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

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Ric is ordered to divert any suspicion away from Johnny Zacharra as Skye secretly listens in.

Sonny reluctantly asks Jax for help.

Georgie and Spinelli catch on to Carly's game.

Robin is tormented by her break up with Patrick.

Nikolas admits that something is wrong but doesn't understand what's happening to him.

Lainey tries to help Cody beat the murder charges.

Sonny and Kate make love.

Liz and Lucky find divorce excruciatingly painful as they go through the necessary steps to end their marriage.

Lucky is stunned when he witnesses Nikolas fly into a sudden rage.

Sonny fights back the urge to strangle Trevor when he smugly informs him that he made sure that Kate was fired from "Couture".

Diane and Alexis face off over who should handle the divorce for Lucky and Liz.

Lulu refuses to accept Logan's heartfelt apology.

The DNA tests results prove that Scott is Logan's biological father.

Carly warns Lulu to stay away from Johnny Zacharra.

Lulu can't hide her growing feelings for Johnny despite her protests to the contrary.

Maxie goes to Logan after her heart is shattered by Cooper.

Johnny pulls a gun on Logan.

Kelly struggles to keep her vow of abstinence.

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