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Steve Frame
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As most of you know I have become pretty much an exclusive CBS soap watcher. I quit watching full episodes of anything pretty much for the biggest majority of 2007 from the end of April to the end of August. I taped all the shows and tried to watch but I found all the shows lacking and failing to draw me in. IN September that changed for me with the CBS soaps which have all drew me into them full time again.

I still watch GH and OLTL more than the other 4 but AMC and Days are still on the off list. AMC I still tape and skim through but the last 4 weeks I have not even touched my tapes of Days. In fact even beginning October 1st I took Days off my taping schedule.

Today I have made myself a challenge though. I am still going to watch my 4 CBS shows as for the first time in a long time I am hooked - even Y&R which I was disgusted with has lured me back in with the Ji Min story. I hate another murder but damn the story is really good and has really caught me. GL just continues to be the most consistently good show for me. Sure there are problems but for the last 2 weeks the show was great and even for the last week was better than ATWT.

So I will be watching them live everyday.

But my challenge which I wish could include Passions but I don't have Direct TV is that I am going to take the other 4 shows - 1 a week and make myself watch every single episode that week. I have pretty much been doing that with my tapes of OLTL and GH but even with those 2 I find myself fastforwarding. For the month of October for that week though I will not allow myself to FF anything.

Then I am going to report back at the end of the week what I thought. I know that some of you won't care, but this is for me. I have been a die hard fan of all 8 shows at some point in my 30 years of soap viewing and I find it sad that for shows like Days and AMC who I have such a long love affair with just don't garner any feeling from me. I have to give them one more chance before I write them off for good.

I am not sure in what order that I will take the shows but most likely I will take Days first as for one of the spoilers that Lskreet has given us scoop on I am just not interested in seeing at all. I know if I am forcing myself to watch that week it will be enough to make the challenge fail. Even though I am not as upset about that as I would have been a month ago due to my unattachment from the show, I am still upset enough to get angry and bow out of the challenge.

Of course no one has too, but I would love any joiners in the challenge. Even if you just give one other show a chance.
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