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After the three-hour tour of Tinda Lau, Days of Our Lives has set a smooth course for Philip and Belle, but ditched the Shawn/Belle relationship in the process.

"Shelle" finally reunited and learned that Claire is Shawn's daughter. You might think that would be cause for celebration, but instead, the easy charm and chemistry between Belle and her ex, Philip, begs the question: Why hasn't she Phelle, um, fallen back in his arms? And Shawn's behavior is hardly an answer.

Days has done an about-face in its treatment of war vet Philip, making the formerly angry nutjob into a viable romantic option and primo father material for his AWOL tyke, Tyler. Searching for Tyler and bonding over Claire has gone a long way forward repairing the damage did to Belle and Philip since the excruciating surrogate story wrecked their marriage. All their angst has been traded for genuine compassion and sweetness. Watching the duo dine in Tulsa and wrestle over sheets for the couch was downright adorable -- just like the flash of Philip's seldom-seen dimples.

But Shawn's suddenly ugly mug no longer evokes a smile. Uncle Phil got the face transplant, but someone swapped out his nephew's personality. This sexist, jealous Neanderthal is a far cry from the chronically heroic son of Bo and Hope. Why hasn't savvy ex-cop Hope smacked her son silly for expecting Belle to be barefoot, pregnant and happily at his beck and call? Brady men are tough guys, but their ladies have always had them wrapped around their pinkies. With the solicitous way Philip treats Belle - asking her for help and respecting her opinion - it's no wonder he looks like a safe harbor.

Days needs to re-plot Shawn's place in this Bermuda Triangle of a story before all is lost.
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