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Steve Frame
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I am sure Days will be the hardest for me as my emotional attachment to the show has wained so much. For me I can watch and enjoy other shows on TV without attachment but for me soaps have to have that to a certain extent. Even during the bad times if you have attachment to the characters and all, it makes a big difference. My attachment to Days has gotten to the point that the show can be Pulitzer Prize winning worthy and it won't matter. I think Corday and Hogan for that one. My emotional attachment to the show has never wained but thanks to their experiments with the show this year it has.

Nix I won't be using Y&R as part of the experiment as I am already back to watching it. I am madly in love with the show now and mostly because it is about characters I love and care about - front and center right now. They still show Amber more than I would like but the last month the shows have been heavy with Jack, Victor, Gloria, Nikki, Kay and Jill along with Michael, Phyllis, and Nick and Sharon. I am back to loving to hate Gloria and Victor both and Latham is making me get back in the mode of wanting to strangle both of them. It has been a long time since I got so involved with any program that I have wanted to do that. There has been nice mixtures of the great drama but lighthearted comedy moments too esp. with Kay. The show is not perfect but it is better than it's been in a long time.
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