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Steve Frame
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I can't believe one that I forgot was the death of little Laura Elizabeth Cudahy on AMC. Oh boy you talk about heart wrenching when Brooke & Tom learned that she had been hit by a drunk driver. Some of the most gut wrenching times ever on soaps.

Cindy Parker on AMC was another hard one. Ellen Wheeler and David Canary were brilliant.

Someone mentioned DJ that was another good one on Days.

Another good one from Days and most of you won't even remember her was Mary Anderson when the Salem Strangler got her. I had loved Mary for so long. And hated to see her go.

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre as it was called on Days in 1980 brought 2 deaths that were hard. One was Margot Horton, Mike's first wife. Suzanne Zenor was brilliant in the scenes. And when Bob Anderson died at his daughter's wedding from a heart attack. Those early months in 1980 were filled with such sadness.

These next ones there were no death scenes but they were all hard to take. Some didn't have death scenes because of the actors had already passed away but with AW they just didn't film them for Mary and Steve. Steve just went down in a plane.:

Also the deaths of Mary Matthews and Steve Frame on AW were hard for me too. They were such beloved characters.

I can just barely remember Papa Bauer's death on GL for some reason but I do remember it being very sad.

Bert Bauer's death on GL was a very hard one too. Bert was just like a grandmother to me and it was so hard.

Ada's death on AW was another hard one. There was no real death scene but the things that followed afterward were so touching.
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