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Excellent post, yo! And I love the word "sextortion" so much that I half-wish I could use it in my daily life.

I kind of disagree with your assessment, though, because I think the blame for the decline is clearly Sami/EJ (or Sweeney/Scott).

You rightly point out sextortion (brilliant!) as a turning point for the show. I think it was their misguided attempt to turn Sami into an insta-heroine so she could assume the central position. They had the right idea- moving Sami forward in a different way- but they did it in a stupid way.

I don't think sextortion destroyed EJ, because I think he was meant to be a hardcore-yet-charming villain. I think what destroyed him was when they softened it because they felt Sami needed to be the center of a triangle.

And then they created an entire storyline, tying in the past and promising long-term viewers that their favorites would be seen once more, to pimp Sami & EJ as a couple.

And then they had the actors play dual roles.

None of it worked, imho, and I think it turned off a lot of viewers because there really has been no escape. What's my alternative story to watch? All I seem to get is Indestructible Andre, and all he does is put the characters in dangerous situation so I can see more Sami/EJ pimping.

You can't transform a fabulous bitch into a sympathetic heroine through sextortion/rape dealt with primarily in, like, one episode and expect viewers to rally behind that. Especially with a character like Sami, since some viewers were already tired of her due to her whining about John for a solid decade.

So I agree that there is an overall lack of creative vision, but viewers stuck with it through a lot of crap. It seems to be this particular crap pushing people over the edge, and as it's very Sami-centric, I blame her. I loved her before, too, so it's hard to say that.

(Also, I'm not a Lumi fan, either, so, y'know, I don't blame Sami/EJ out of loyalty to them- I'm one who want all three to take Colleen's act as an example)

I also think the show deserves to be right where it is, ratings-wise. They've truly earned their last place finish, and if they think that making it more aesthetically appealing and improving acting is sufficient...they should share those drugs, y'know?

I can't even imagine what they could do to regain my trust as a viewer, and that's a bad place to be.
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