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"What woman would be idiotic enough to marry that man?," Dorian screamed at Blair who had agreed again to marry 'that man' Todd Manning. Even with all the madness going on around her, Dorian as usual, was able to put things aside and tackle what she is best at - making things look good. Dorian managed to put on an outlandishly extravagant, albeit sudden, wedding this past week on OLTL. Whether she was yelling at the caterers or trying to speak to a maid in Spanish, only to find out that maid was Italian and spoke English very well, Dorian got things done, her way, the only way.

But of course, Dorian wasn't able to talk Blair out of re-marrying Todd. That is not going to happen. Blair and Todd are both strong forces of nature who come up against each other as well as against anyone who would try to take either of them down. "You are in my blood," Todd's words to Blair at the marriage ceremony. Blair must have felt the same way as she spoke those same words back to him. Can their 'business arrangement' marriage be enough for Todd to get his son back from Michael and Marcie McBain?

We all know there is a huge custody battle to come no matter what the judge decides to do this coming week. The McBain's are not going to settle back and just give little Tommy up. Not without a fight and I believe if Marcie has anything to do with it, they will play just as dirty as Todd and Blair will. I loved the scene between Marcie and Todd this past week. There's no one quite as intimidating as Todd, but Marcie held her ground with him. Seeing her slap Todd across the face was one of the most satisfying scenes in a long time - it was worth the wait!

I would be remiss not to mention the wonderful Catherine Hickland and the Emmy worthy performances she has been churning out every time she is on the screen in recent weeks. Catherine the 'Great' indeed. See you at the Emmys, hun, and dust off a place on your mantle. Can I say shoe-in yet?

Lots of fillers and backstories in development on OLTL right now. Also many rumors are flying around about Farah Fath's new character, Gigi, who may be arriving in Llanview to come between Rex and Adrianna. Hmmmmm, I have some mixed feelings about that. I'd prefer 'Gigi' gets involved with Cristian. Maybe that's just because I don't like Sarah.

But putting my feelings aside, is Farah Fath just the most lucky actress in daytime? Come on! She's been paired with Jason Cook, the ever so hot Eric Winter, Brandon Beemer, Darin Brooks, and now possibly David Fumero or John-Paul Lavoisier, maybe both or one at a time. Farah! Damn you!

But I digress and ask my readers for their indulgence. Because I must say there is a slithering creature who has come out from under the rocks recently in Llanview. He's handsome, charming, seductive and very mysterious. His name is Jared Banks and he has a major agenda in mind; this man is on a mission and it's not only to get back at Jessica for Tess putting him away in prison. Jared has much more on his plate than that. Scamming Nash and getting 51% of the vineyard is child's play for this conniving side-winder. Blackmailing Natalie to get a job at Buchanan Enterprises, a vertible piece of cake for the charismatic Mr. Banks. Showing up at the Buchanan mansion and winning over Asa's widow, just another day at the rodeo for this smooth-talker. Something tells me things will never be the same for many residents of Llanview since Jared Banks has come to town.

Stay tuned and everyone remember to VOTE FOR OLTL in DR's Weekly Top 20!
Until next month...
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