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Sep 29 2007, 01:58 PM
Sep 29 2007, 01:32 PM
So, there is a little African Boy named "Pocket" on DAYS?

I keep expecting Michael Jackson to bring Blanket over for a playdate or something.


Pocket isn't African. He is being raised by Steve and Kayla. He's Philip and Mimi's baby from the surrogate.

Wow...I forgot about Mimi's baby with Phillip. He will shit a brick when he finds out Steve and Kayla are raising his son! But what the hell kind of a name is Pocket?! Please tell me its short for something.

Artemis and Demarquette are African American and being raised by Nick because their mother dumped them on Nick, which is actually turning out to be cute, even though I don't like Nick! Haha.

Oh good lord...those names, those names! And that is why the guy was at the door on Friday demanding that Nick and Chelsea talk to him. What does Jeremy have to do with this?!

My curiosity is slightly piqued now...although I don't have blank DVDs, so I can't like tape the show everyday.
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