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i also thought the column was great..and full of inisights this show needs..last summer when they brought on ej, and we knew he was up to something, but it was a delicious mystery that brought the show to it's 2.8 and 2.9 third place with the solid second in the sought after demographic of 18-49..(big deal, i am not in it so who cares anymore!) then we get hogan with his "grand ideas"..hey lumpo you should have just kept most of jer's outline, he also planned for ej to be a dimera..but the hints we got back then were so much more fun!

ej was still into racing..we all thought he wanted to steal shawns engine idea..ej also told shawn he had never "made his fathers acquaintance"..what a cool idea for him to discover he was really a dimera..that would have been good drama...but no..hogan and his ego could not wrap his tiny little mind around that concept..

then came the hookers and the fascination with hookers..i truly believe hogan does not talk to women on an intimate basis without first giving over his credit card number..

then the poor choices of new characters..anyone remember i think it was jed? the brother of pillow..or whatever her name was?

useless wasted time..and when i hear people jump on the ej/sami aspect of the show, i have a big problem..the vets are underutilized, but then the only story that has anyone talking or interested is the ej and sami one..the "most anticpated wedding of the decade" fell like a lead balloon..and it was green alright..a pukey pea soup green..

i could rant more, but the fact is mary is so right on, and maybe the one thing that will generate enough buzz to rekindle interest is the announcement of hogan being replaced.....as long as they put in a hw who can stand and deliver!
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