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Steve, that was an amazing column.

I agreed with so much of what you said. It's no secret that I love LML and most of her work, so it's nice to see someone that doesn't bash every little thing that she does. I watch Y&R everyday, which is something that I rarely do with soaps. It's just become a part of my daily routine. I can't get too busy to see an episode.

The 2nd part does go to Latham who I think is too chicken to recast Victoria for fear of fan backlash. Victoria's departure put a big hit in the Winters family and has definitely affected story for them.

But can you blame her? LOL. Some people already blame LML for "driving" Victor to leave (please. :blah: ). If she recasted Drucilla, so many fans would be furious. She's gotten bashed a lot in the recast department already (even from me) for Lily and Colleen (Granted, the circumstances were different, but still).

And LMAO at that two Ambers talking to each other comment. When I was watching it, I thought it was so out of the ordinary for Y&R that I didn't know if I was enjoying it or not. :lol:

I have to admit that I might miss Ji Min a little too. But I'm enjoying seeing how everyone is dealing with his death-- especially Jill. I think my favorite creation of LML's would be Jana.
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