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Steve Frame
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I'm beginning to believe I should have waited. I am an hour and a half in and yes I am seeing Ed Scott's touches. The show looks better and the acting is better. The actors are doing a wonderful job with the crap they are given.

See my biggest problem is still the same so far. Hogan has made me not care about so many of the characters I once loved. I have no stake in Sami and Lucas or Sami and EJ so right now she has just been issued this great emotional challenge and it is a big joke for me. I say shoot Lucas then EJ and then turn the gun on yourself and put me out of my misery.

Shelley Henning is a wonderful actress, but I don't like the character of Stephanie that Hogie has created.

Trevor Donovan has improved leaps and bounds since I quit watching 4 weeks ago, but I still don't like Jeremy.

Nick and Chelsea were one of my favorite couples but what Hogan has done to them I can't get into their scenes. And these 2 kids still don't mean anything to me even though Nick is cute trying to be a dad to them.

And I am watching the Stefano and Steve scenes right now. Well all of you know I never wanted Stefano to come back so I am not that invested still in this scene. I am still waiting to see the old Stefano back and some of you say he came back this week - so I am holding out for that. I doubt that it will make me like Stefano as I have not enjoyed him in so long. I will give that he can act though.

Thaao is wonderful as Andre but another explosion I did not need to see and another kidnapping seems like rinse and repeat and rinse again at this point.

I do see all the wonderful changes and thoroughly enjoying them but whether it will be enough to make me want to stay around I will wait to see on Friday's show. So far I have not seen anything that would have made me change my vote in the Top 20.

the show is technically brilliant, but the balance is still way off so far and the stories still suck.
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