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Steve Frame
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Sep 30 2007, 09:12 PM
That is a very fair assessment Steve. I personally think the good things of last weeks days did not happen at the beginning of the week. Many changes have been made by Ed Scott that have helped the show a great deal, but the writing for many characters needs to change.

I haven't watched OLTL in years, I don't even think I would recognize half the cast.

Nix I can appreciate that. I am Wednesday's show now. It is a little better but I am still not sold. Sad but the people I care about the most and have the most attachment to are just reading letters or not hardly on. That is hurting still my enjoyment of the show. Every time I see Doug & Julie reading letters too it brings up the announcement that they would be returning and be a big part of this story.

I am still very impressed with the acting and the lighting and the overall direction of the show. It is so much better.

I know that Sami shooting Lucas was supposed to be a big dramatic moment but it was still lost on me. Still wish she had killed both somehow. LOL

And I still don't care about Santo and Colleen and those accents are still unbearable. Wish Scott had done something about that.

The best thing I have enjoyed so far was Nick with the black guy. Those scenes have been very well done. I still feel if I was attached more to the characters it would help me enjoy it even more.
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