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Steve Frame
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Jinxed Soul
Sep 30 2007, 09:35 PM
Sep 30 2007, 10:33 PM
Jinxed Soul
Sep 30 2007, 09:23 PM
That's awesome, Steve! Good luck with that challenge.

I wish you were incorporating DAYS into that challenge though, so I could read your reflections.

Jinxed, Days is part of the challenge. In fact I am doing it now. About 2 or 3 posts above yours is the first part of my thoughts on Days.

But, you said DAYS is on your offlist. And, I don't see any posts above mine, except your two posts. :huh:

Not sure what is going on, but there is a post by Nixsoaps and then 2 by me where I started the Days challenge. Then a post about Monday and Tuesday's shows.

Days has been off the list but they are the reason I started the challenge - to give them one more chance before I take them completely off.

Right now it is not looking good. I still describe as this:

It reminds me of a critically acclaimed movie like The English Patient. That movie won all kinds of acclaim and is a beautifully filmed and acted movie but it is boring as hell.

Days is beautifully filmed and acted right now. It is not necessarily boring but nothing is reeling me in due to loss of attachment to the characters. Sami, EJ and Lucas are on so much and I actually feel nothing for the characters anymore. As I said before it would not bother me at all if Sami would have shot Lucas, then EJ and turned the gun on herself. That is how much I care for them anymore. And Lumi has always been a favorite couple and Sami has always been a favorite character - But Hogan has made me hate all 3.
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