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Teenage pregnancy on 'Guiding Light'


Sunday, September 30th 2007, 4:00 AM

Daisy asks an ER nurse for a pregnancy test tomorrow on "Guiding Light," and you know what that means.

"She doesn't want it to be true," explains Bonnie Dennison, who plays the troubled teen. "She's in denial, so talking to a stranger is safer than someone she's close to."

Cue the blood test.

"The nurse comes in and tells her it's positive," continues Dennison. "She's all alone. She's pretty scared - and shocked."Dazed, Daisy walks out and runs smack into her grandmother, Reva. "She runs away from her because she can't look her in the eye and talk to her right now. But Reva chases after her and makes her sit down, telling her, 'No matter what happens, I'll help you through it. What's wrong?' So she tells her: 'I'm pregnant.'

"Reva advises Daisy to go to her parents, Dylan and Harley, with the news, but Daisy says she can't face that.

"There are all sorts of things going through Daisy's mind," says Dennison. "She was put up for adoption by her mother, who had her when she was 16 or 17. So she's a product of being put up for adop-tion and then the whole ordeal of having gone back to her birth parents.She knows the consequences of [teen pregnancy] very personally."

So Daisy is reluctant to share the "good" news. "She's been told all her life by Harley, 'Just don't get pregnant. Don't get pregnant. Be safe. Be smart.' So the one thing that would truly disappoint her mother, she's done. It's a very deep feeling of, 'Oh, my God. What do I do?'

"Did she have unsafe sex with her boyfriend, Rafe?

"They keep it sort of vague," responds the actress, referring to scenes that aired in mid-September. "They bought a box of condoms, but then they decided not to have sex. Then they did have sex, but in another room. I think Daisy was so caught up in everything, she's not sure. Which is another point that maybe should be touched on - the female should also be aware of what's happening."

Too late now!

"She hasn't even graduated high school yet," laments Dennison."A teenager at that age should be thinking about her cap and gown, prom. And she doesn't want to be in a muumuu!"
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