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Steve Frame
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I used this week as the first week of my October Challenge. Here are my final thoughts. For more thoughts you can look at the October Challenge thread.


My final thoughts on the first week of challenge:

Week 1: Days of Our Lives

The Good:

Wonderful acting. Performance of the week goes to Stephen Nichols. The man was brilliant on Friday's show. Allison Sweeney was great too. James Scott seemed lost in his scenes to me esp. compared to some of the others. Bryan Dattilo was better this week than he has been in a long time. Shelley Henning is a wonderful young actress. Probably the best the show has. She is far better than Melvin who I have grown to love as an actress. Trevor Donovan has improved immensely.

Wonderful direction. Ed Scott has done wonders for the show in this respect. The shows are so beautiful now. Technically superb. As far as technical stuff they rank up there with the best of the soaps in that respect which I see as GH, OLTL, & Y&R with Days in there too as far as technical aspects right now. ATWT would be up there if it weren't for that shaky camera work lately.

The show was brilliant in every aspect these ways. There is a not a bad or weak actor among the ones I saw this week. Even the boy who played Shawn was really good this week. The sorority girls were okay but they were really nothing to brag about, but I can't fully judge their acting on what they were given.

The Bad:

No 1 bad point for me is still the balance. It was so sad to see so much of Sami and EJ - esp. Sami. And the balance is not only bad in the amount of air time, but here is a story that is supposed to be an umbrella story and it boils down to have no lasting affects on anyone but Sami and EJ. That is sad that you have people who have been involved in this feud for 25 years now. I have been watching the Brady's and DiMeras since 1982 together. And 25 years of watchign them nearly kill one another, change one anothers lives, and it comes down to Sami and EJ being what it was all about. And the principal players of the feud either sat there this week and the rest of the summer (I am assuming they did the 3 weeks I have not watched too) and read letters. Or like Bo did this week run around but that could have been done by anyone. His running around had no affect on him only Sami so his running meant nothing for his character.

No. 2 bad point is still the writing. And I am not talking about the dialogue writing. DAys is superb in that. It is the headwriter who dreamed up this story. Even the breakdown of it is okay in the way it is delivered but the story itself that was dreamed up by Hogan Sheffer just sucks big time. I can't comment too much on the other stories as they are just getting started this week or weren't covered enough for me to get a feel of them since I haven't watched the 3 weeks before this.

The Vendetta story is probably my biggest disappointing in soaps ever. It is sad that 25 years of fighting and feuding on a soap comes down to a lying sack of married shit who falls in love with a young naive girl who kills herself because of his lie. I will forever go on believing in my mind that it all started 25 years ago with Roman and Stefano. It is a much more believeable story than what Sheffer dreamed up.

I saw the end of it and I still don't buy Santo and Colleen as the great lovers. He was a lying sack of shit who was married and she was the sweet young girl. Am I supposed to be mad at Shawn because he told the truth. Well I'm not. If I am supposed to hate the DiMera's more then Sheffer succeeded. I mean you have a horny old man who wanted a virgin. That is all it boiled down to. And Stefano is the one who spilled the secret to Shawn but yet the pompous ass blames Shawn for all the years of hatred. I don't get the hatred by some who refer to Shawn as Old Man Brady and do blame him while still giving Stefano the respect. I like Shawn a whole lot more after viewing this week than I do Stefano. And I respect Shawn Brady a lot more too.

As I have said many times in this thread also, I guess all of this would mean more to me if I felt invested in Lumi or EJami anymore but I don't. And Sheffer is to blame for that. He has singlehandedly made me hate both couples. He did just as much character destruction on these 3 characters as JER did to any characters in his whole history at Days. He has totally ruined 3 wonderful characters for the sake of this story.

It is just sad to me that what should have been a beautiful story boils down to a EJami/Lumi story - just another triangle. It is the same thing that JER did over and over. He turned ever damn story into a triangle, and now Sheffer tuns the whole vendetta story into a triangle. And very poorly at that. It is all just a big disappointment to me. And all the great acting, great lighting, great direction was all just wasted on me because of the writing.

Looking at the promise of other stories to draw me back in as a full time viewer. There is no hope of it with the Sorority story. I could barely get through those scenes on Friday. They were the only real things in 5 episodes that I so wanted to fast forward through but I was watching it live on SoapNet so that I couldn't. But oh how I wished. It was so borinnnnnnnng.

The Nick stuff with the man looking for the kids has promise. I will be checking in on it. The Stephanie/Jeremy/Max stuff was well acted, but not interesting to me because I can't stand Max and Stephanie in it at all. I don't like the characters of Stephanie and Jeremy either. They both need big overhauls. I love the actors but not the characters.

The Pocket story that I keep hearing great things about in the last 4 weeks wasn't featured any or Belle/Shawn/Philip so I can't judge them on this week.

The STeve seeking revenge on Stefano doesn't interest me at all. I have been so over that part of the story for a long time. And of course the next big part of the story - EJ/Sami/Lucas makes me want to throw up so I have no desire to watch it at all. Sami living with her rapist is something I definitely have no desire to watch.

AS I said earlier, the only thing that would have assured me coming back 100% was the deaths of Lucas, Sami and EJ. I would be back in a heartbeat. But as long as they are around, I know that the balance will never be fully restored. And Hogan's little attempt at trying to smooth over why the Marlena history wasn't used was wasted on me. I didn't buy it at all. Hearing Stefano talk about it made me realize even more how wasted Marlena was in this story when she should have been central. He would have been better off leaving it alone from my point of view.


I have decided because of the challenge not to take Days off my taping schedule. The changes Scott has made are worth checking in on - in hopes that he shapes Hogan up. The show is a technical gem right now and has so much going for it. The scripts are wonderful right now. It's biggest weakness is it's head writer. He is God awful. If Scott can straighten Hogan up, get rid of him or bring in a co-head writer to share full position with him, then teh show might survive. If he doesn't even he keeps Corday at bay, I don't hold out much hope for the show with Hogan in full control of the writing.

So I have already put Days back on the taping schedule for tomorrow. I will be glad to have it and I will check in on it. And I am sincerely hoping the show does improve it's writing. The show has got to make the show about more people again. And people that the fans want to see.
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