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Good show today. There were some inconsistencies, but I'm trying to just ignore them and enjoy the good stuff. BD did a great job today, and as unbelievable as it sounds, he might actually be planning to fight for Sami instead of just walking away (like he's always done before). Sami as the selfless heroine of the story doesn't ring true to me, though....I would really like the selfish, manipulative bitch back!

Just when I was starting to think there was ONE good cop with the Salem PD, Steve outsmarts him! Bo and Abe should have known Steve wouldn't give up so easily. Why hasn't Stefano hired his own bodyguards?

Loved crazy Andre again. He's a pretty inept bomber, though, so Sami shouldn't be too worried about her dad. I also loved Kate being blamed for something she didn't do; so ironic.

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