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I think Bryan did fantastic today. My heart ached for Lucas as Sami informed him she was marrying EJ. Kudos to him. I understand all of his reasons he gave Sami for not wanting her to leave him. On the other hand, I was not impressed at all by Ali. While they were sitting at the bar closer to the end of their discussion about the Vendetta she got better. I was very surprised at myself. I usuallly love her, but not today.

Interesting trick by Steve today. He knew exactly what Bo was going to say and used it to his advantage. You would think if these two really knew eachother Bo would have thought something wasn't right.

I really enjoy Kate and Stefano together in scenes. The Koz and Joe have some chemistry there.

Although EJ did not really know Benjy, I was hoping for just a bit more emotion since he was his brother afterall. I thought that would have been a nicer touch and made his words more believable.

And Andre, loved the whacked out SOB. At least he wasn't in some crazy disguise. Roman looked like death warmed over. (wait didn't Andre say that too.)

Overall today was not great, but I enjoyed it just the same.
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