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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 1 2007, 03:17 PM
Although EJ did not really know Benjy, I was hoping for just a bit more emotion since he was his brother afterall. I thought that would have been a nicer touch and made his words more believable.

And Andre, loved the whacked out SOB. At least he wasn't in some crazy disguise. Roman looked like death warmed over. (wait didn't Andre say that too.)

I actually thought EJ's very understated reaction to Benjy's death was right. It made sense to me given that he came to find Bo while he was still riding the high of the delusion that his marriage to Samantha was going to go along just fine and the feud would really be over so he was probably very shocked to find Benjy dead.

I think EJ's lack of flowery language or crying over his brother's dead body was more believable than if they had done more with the scene. EJ is not a very emotionally demonstrative, wearing his emotion on his sleeve sort of guy typically and the only times I can ever remember him being open about his feelings are when they are in regards to Sami or his father. The Brady men are pretty much the opposite as Stefano has pointed out on at least one occasion where he talked about DiMeras not being like the Bradys advertising their sorrows in some beer-swilling pub, but holding their feelings in their hearts.

If EJ had fallen over the body crying like Steve or even been as outraged as Bo it would have been so phony because we've been given no indication that Benjy and EJ ever really knew each other or were close. Plus, in the back of EJ's head he does have to wonder if his father is responsible for this and wants to shut out that fear so he has to emotionally shut down a little bit. Plus, Bo kept cutting off everything EJ tried to say about the death so whatever he was thinking or feeling he may have decided to just keep it inside rather than have to deal with more of Bo's scorn and mocking of his feelings so if he was feeling hurt he didn't want to show that and allow Bo to pour more salt in his wounds.

And you are so right that Andre was great. As much as I had negative things to say about today's show I have a feeling I'm going to really enjoy tomorrow's episode and that Andre will be a big part of that.

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