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Oct 1 2007, 03:36 PM
I agree IMiss. I didn't expect him to get all emotional and break down. That is not in character nor would it have made sense due to the lack of his realtionship he had with his brother. I was hoping for EJ to be a little choked up a bit. Like when he kneeled down and said his dialog.

What I took from the scene was that he was not surprised nor did he mind that his brother was killed by his crazy cousin. He was more concerned with telling Bo that Sami agreed to marry him.

I know what you mean. I was hoping for EJ to touch Benjy's hand or something...not a big demonstration of emotion because that would have been out of character but a small gesture that showed some family connection. And as much as I love Bo, I'm really tired of the heavyhanded way he deals with the Dimeras. Even if EJ tried to give Bo help or information, he would be cut off and insulted instead. This was my least favorite scene of the day.
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