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Steve Frame
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Here's another I have already posted but it clearly shows Nielsen is working:


The new Nielsen ratings

It’s official: Nielsen Media Research, which has measured television audiences for half a century, is introducing a new ratings system that will be used by the TV networks and the ad agencies that buy time on them.

The formal name for the new measuring-stick is the “live-plus-three-day commercial rating,” and it departs from the current ratings in two ways:

•It will measure, minute-by-minute, viewership for the commercial breaks, as opposed to the entire program. Networks have agreed to transmit an audio code (you won’t hear it) whenever there is a break. This tone will signal to the electronic meters used by Nielsen that the next 60 seconds are to count toward the commercial rating.

•It will measure all viewing of a particular program over a three-day span, beginning with the live broadcast time. The live-plus-three rating thus becomes the first widely accepted benchmark in American TV to acknowledge the growing use of digital video recorders.

Advertisers agreed to the new ratings standard because it makes networks accountable for the viewers actually watching the commercials and eliminates those who use their DVRs to skip through the breaks. Networks agreed to the new measuring-stick because they think the three-day window will allow them to beef up their ratings for shows that currently compete against each other.

Research has found that some shows’ ratings jump as much 60 percent when DVR homes are given three days to catch up. This means is that, just like a movie studio waiting for weekend box-office results, networks will now have to wait three days to know how well a TV show was received. My choice for best new show of the fall, CW’s “Reaper,” airs opposite the top drama on TV, Fox’s “House,” making “Reaper” an early test case of the DVR effect.
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