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I'm glad to know "it's business time" again sometime this week for Sonny and Kate. ;) I wasn't too hot on them when Kate was very first introduced on GH, but I've really grown to love them together.

I like the Ric/Skye spoiler, too. It's always nice to see her.

Other than that, the Nikolas's s/l and what happens with Carly and crazy Johnny Z. is about all that interests me. I am so tired of Lulu (and Spinelli's sickening worship of her... JFC, enough already!) and Logan (I detest this character) and Lucky and Liz. Blah, blah, blah.

And WTF is this about Maxie going to Logan?! Fuck that noise. Why can't the writers find a way to bring Coop and Maxie back together? They made such an adorable couple (IMHO). Ugh! <_<
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