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Steve Frame
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If this proves that people aren't watching the commercials, I see that as a possibility, but I don't see them ever getting something to stop commercials.

If advertisers decide to stick with TV advertising, I would expect more product placement to be one avenue. More product tie ins like the movies have. If a show is proven to have more fans that watch commercials, you will see more advertising dollars go to those programs. At least that is what I would do.

And yes esp. on networks I see more programs that cost less. If networks want to stay in business they will have to invent new ways to get the advertising dollars or new ways to raise the money. I see cheaper programs for one thing. Possibly more game shows as it said they are very cheap to produce and ones like Price Is Right do the advertising for the products right in them.

Also you will see more networks offer online viewing of their programs but at a price. And you will see more reality shows do what Big Brother did this year. More cell phone cost voting. The networks get so much of that money to go toward producing the show. So I think you will unfortunately see more of that. And I don't like that at all.

I am sure the networks will come up with more ways. Of course with soaps more than primetime, it will their budgets that will take the biggest hits. You will have cheaper actors and less sets.
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