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Steve Frame
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I know now that the Days part of my challenge is over, this won't get as much response, but I am going to continue it. :lol:

I started week 2 of my challenge tonight with All My Children. It is the other show that I have been totally disheartened with and disgusted by for awhile now.

The show was okay. Just like Days still so much great acting. And I really love the looks and the acting of the newcomer that is playing Wes.

My biggest problem is that just like Days as made the show so much about EJ/Sami/Lucas, AMC has made the show way too much about Zach and Kendall for so long and now throw in Greenlee and it is just not interesting to me at all.

And I know that Greenlee did something bad to Spike, but the writers today once again managed to make me feel for Greenlee and hate Zach and Kendall. Kendall is so self-righteous just like her damn mother in that they see all the bad stuff others do but then they turn around and act just as bad or even worse than the person they are judging. The only difference is I like Erica but can't stand Kendall. Kendall is one of the worse characters and since has been put with Zach she is just sickening to me. I can handle them apart but hate them as a couple.

The only thing that made the show watchable was the couple moments between Greenlee and Aidan & Ryan and Annie. I love both of those pairings even though I cannot stand this Greenlee at all.

So far I am not chaning my opinion much of AMC, but I can see some improvements but still not much. There is still way too much of McTavish's influence on this show.
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