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Steve Frame
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I did one of these back several years ago on SON, and interested in what people's thoughts are on this now.

There are some performers who seem to get all the glory whether it be awards, nominations, critical praise, constantly talked about by the fans, they finish first in the polls consistently, etc.

At the same time every show has performers who consistently give good performances, but are constantly left out for awards, nominations, polls, etc. Those are soaps unsung heroes. Who are those guys to you?

AMC - Jennifer Bassey, Ray MacDonnell and Walt Willey always seem to live in the shadows of their more popular co-stars'

ATWT - Kelley Menighan Hensley is the first one that comes to mind. She is not as overlooked as some daytime stars, but she still lives in the shadows of her other co-stars. Scott Holmes is another one from this show, who doesn't get the credit he deserves.

B&B - I can't think of anybody in the current cast, but John McCook comes close. He is overlooked many times when he shouldn't be.

Days - Josh Taylor, Julie Pinson, Thaao Penghlis and Lauren Koslow are so overlooked on this show

GH - Lindze Letherman and Kin Shriner especially come to mind. Both are great. Kin has always played second fiddle to others on the show and seems to never get credit for the things he has done.

GL - Tina Sloan gives this show 100% and always has on every show she is on.

OLTL - if Philip Carey was still on the show, I would have to say him. He was so overlooked for so long by so many. Of current ones I think Kamar Des Los Reyes is one that comes to mind. Timothy J. Stickney who is still on recurring is another. Catherine Hickland falls in there too even though she has gotten some attention lately, but she is long overdue for award acknowledgement.

Passions - For me Ben Masters, Liza Huber and Kim Johnston Ulrich are wonderful but have been overlooked by others in favor of more popular stars like Juliet, Lindsay, and others.

Y&R - Doug Davidson most definitely fits here. he is constantly overlooked and shouldn't be. Melody Thomas Scott fits in here some too. Even though she gets some attention, it is not what she fully deserves.

Would love to hear your thoughts.
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