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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 2 2007, 01:16 AM
I think Sami is so overrated and overplayed...I'm really loathing Sami now that she is not even pretending to use her brain. She is completely under the DiMera spell. How awful. I'm so loving Lucas again, thankfully.

Bo has had some great scenes recently. He is so handsome, sigh. I could see him being in a Western movie with his looks and scowls, LOL. He'd make a great tough guy, spittle and all. He is too good-looking for Days. I think impending fatherhood has blossomed him :)

Maybe Stefano is in the hospital because he went straight from the hospital to the funeral home and was shot even though he wore a vest, there are bruises, etc. to contend with. He is an unwell old man so he would have to be under observation for a couple of days, I'd think.

But Steve was stabbed and Lucas was shot in the leg after that and they are both discharged! Steve shows no ill effects from his stabbing at all while Lucas I guess has a little bit of a limp or something, but is apparently well enough to walk all over Salem the same night he was shot (Sami is wearing the same clothes as she was last week).

This show has serious continuity issues.

I know everyone else here seems furious with Sami and I'm sick of the crying jags too, but I am not giving up on her as frustrating as it is to see her like this. I just wish they would stop letting Bettina Bradbury write Sami scenes. She does not get her at all IMO.
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