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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK, since there is no OLTL weekly discussion thread that I can see I guess I will put this here.

So I decided to accept Steve's challenge this month and thanks to Jonatha's column I decided to make my first stop in this challenge in Llanview.

Now keep in mind I have never watched an entire episode of OLTL IN MY LIFE before this Monday's episode and before it started started the only characters on this show I recognized on sight (from reading soap mags and seeing other promos) were Viki, Bo, Marcie and whatshisface McBain, Todd, Blair and Starr so if this all sounds odd to OLTL regular viewers, just know this is where I'm coming from. :lol:

I love love love marriage of convenience stories and my gut reaction is really liking Todd and Blair and this whole story, even though I know Todd is supposed to be a bit of a bastard (or A LOT of a bastard). I can't help loving the self-entitled bad boys I guess. And it doesn't hurt that I think he's kinda hot. I also like Blair a lot so far.

I like that we also get to see the POV of the McBains before the hearing and I love Marcie McBain's mouth even though I am rooting for Todd. I could see Marcie being someone I love to hate in the future but right now I just like her.

I like that this main story of the custody battle also has implications for the younger set and I liked Cole pointing out the selfishness of Starr's parents for doing this. If I was a jr. high or high school kid just tuning in to watch soaps I have no doubt it would be One Life before it was DOOL (as I know a big part of me getting hooked on DOOL as a pre-teen/teen was the stuff with Sami/Lucas/Carrie/Austin) even though I was younger than them when that stuff was airing. It's funny. Even though DOOL's younger set is college-age while these teens are still teens so I should be able to relate to DOOL's younger set better having just been a little bit removed from college, I would much rather watch OLTL's younger cast and stories because they don't seem as shallow and superficial as characters or in their problems just at first glance.

I have no idea what the hell happened at the police station today and I'm not getting what is going on with the woman who is all catatonic (I think Lindsay?) and I really tried hard to understand, I swear. Thankfully there was enough custody battle stuff though to keep me from getting that bored during the parts I couldn't really follow.

For the most part I think the lighting and camera work is boring and I am not crazy about the sets at the homes and the clothes people are wearing. Blair's kitchen just seems really tacky, especially if she is supposed to be rich (is she?) and the high school is so dingy. Is Llanview a really poor town because that is the impression I get from the looks of their public school? The police station scenes all I could think was BLUE and I was distracted by the radioactive-looking glowing white papers on the desk at one point. That said, the courtroom was pretty cool and I liked the McBains apartment. If this sounds nitpicky, I guess I am starting to get spoiled with the Ed Scott-ification of DOOL because I don't think if I were tuning into OLTL two months ago I would notice any of this stuff at all.

Overall, my first impression is I think OLTL is a pretty good soap right now, more in touch with what soaps are supposed to be about when it comes to relationships and family issues than DOOL (which as much as it hurts me to say is a cartoon compared to OLTL) and GH (which wants to be The Sopranos) and AMC (which I don't even no how to describe right now, but I don't think it's good when I tune in).

I look forward to tuning in tomorrow to seeing what's next. :)
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