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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

Ok, so as a man, I won't ever hit a woman, but OMFG did I want to smack Liz upside the head today, LoL. How dare she stand there and act all innocent when she still won't tell Lucky that Jake isn't his son. C'mon!!! Don't give me this bs about wanting to keep him safe either, you are the one that went and had sex with a mob hitman, you took that risk, faulty condom or not. Lucky deserves to know, period.

Loved Diane acting all upset with Trevor when he told Sonny that he had just 'released' Kate from her duties at Couture. That was hilarious.

Megan Ward has been phenom again this week and it's only Monday, LoL. She's great and I still stand by what I've said in the past the she is the best new addition to the canvas in ahwile.

WTF is up with Nik? Boy Prince is going all psycho, but the whole story just feels off. I guess we'll have to wait and see on that one.

Great to see Alexis more too, She's been here and there for months now, so I hope we continue to see more of her.
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