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I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my nonsense of a column and takes the time to comment. I appreciate it so much!

This week: General ramblings from a tired but still loyal ATWT fan!

I have been thinking a lot about my favorite show these last few days. I have taken on the task of writing a column about it for Daytime Royalty. I am late with this column. I have started and stopped and deleted many times during the last few days.There are a lot of contributing factors to that. My general disatisfaction chief among them.

I was thinking about what I'd like to tell TPTB about my show. You may agree or not agree with them. That is the good thing about ATWT fans. In most cases we can dissagree without starting a war or cause people to be banned etc,LOL!

1.Get rid of Sophie and Cole! I have not seen one messageboard or seen one letter to the editor in a magazine that has praised their storyline. Who cares if Cole is a hot head.Who cares if Sophie is a wimp!

2. Connect your new characters to established characters. As in the above Cole and Sophie,Cole is Iris's son and Gwen's brother.Why not make Sophie the daughter of the missing Scott Eldridge? Lisa,Scott's mom and the owner of the establishment where Sophie works could become involved when Sophie's manager complains about her.As the story unfolds,Scott could come back. There is so much backstory that could unfold there with Lisa,Tom and Margo! Scott tried to swindle Lisa of her money. Tom is the polar opposite of Scott and never trusted him. Margo befriended Scott and there was a hint of an attraction to Margo on Scott's part. Lots of story there!

3.Use your veterans and link them to the new ones.Again as in the above that could help make these new characters more interesting and accepted by the audience. They linked Sophie in with Aaron. Aaron has been off canvas and had just returned so that didn't help me like Sophie.There is so much history and backstory left to be used with the vets.My example of making Sophie Lisa's grandaughter in one!

4.Make the new characters a part of the established families! Guiding Light shot itself in the foot when the Bauers' began to disappear and they didn't replace,with the excepton of Johnny's family,which they didn't keep around.Another World didn't help itself when the Matthews disappeared!

5.Replenish and multiply. That Bible admonition goes along with my point above.Douglas Marland created big families wirh the Snyders,the Reardons and the Rescotts. AW had the Frames.The writers should have their children have children because as we all know within 5 years the show is going to need some teens and twenty somethings to carry on the story.

6.Tell realistic,character driven stories,based on family, based on history. Don't have writers conferences where you say: "Hey,let's put her in quicksand!" Let's lock them in an old abandoned shack! Let's make it snow in September!,etc,etc!

7.Read your mail and email. People who have taken the time to sit down and compose a note to you are truly serious fans who care about the show!

Well that's it! This took me long enough!I hope it made some sense!

Here's hoping to a continued long life for our show and better days ahead! I know they will come!

Until next time!
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