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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 2 2007, 01:13 PM
OMG, was this Steve/Stefano news station drama in the spoilers?

Yes King. It was in some spoiler or maybe one of the soap mag articles on this week, but it came off about a billion times better than I imagined it.

As for today's show...

The Steve-Stefano scenes were so INTENSE. Loved them. I adored Stefano's growl when Steve came at him with the pillow. I loved Steve's desperation talking about everything he wanted that Stefano took from him and him not accepting Stefano's display of grief for Benjy. These two are magic together and made this episode for me.

The Kate-Lucas scenes were also intense and well-acted and I guess well-written in their own self-contained way within this episode but not in the greater context of the show and Kate-Lucas history as a whole because the disowning could be about a billion more times satisfying if... Lucas was disowning Kate this majorly to take the step of changing his name five or so years ago and we hadn't heard all this crap before, like maybe he had the epiphany that Kate would never support his relationship with Sami and cut her out of her life after the Brandon wedding where she drugged Sami and wound up having to grovel for Sami's forgiveness for doubting her and putting Kate first, or if Lucas was actually disowning Kate this majorly for something she did wrong rather than a misunderstanding stemming from an incorrect assumption that his mother was a part of something that Kate had nothing to do with but was actually Stefano's handiwork. Because in this scene ALL OF MY SYMPATHY went to Kate while Lucas just came across as an even bigger snot than I already think he is, while at the same time I'm mad this show is making me feel for Kate when she does deserve to be punished for the Nick blackmailing. I just want her to suffer a worse fate for that than Lucas disowning her for the kajillionth time like maybe Roman calling her out, Sami plotting against her or the DiMeras making life hell for her. I get no satisfaction watching Lucas blaming Kate for all of his problems in life YET AGAIN as he looks down on her from his high horse. I do like him taking the Horton name though, even if it is long overdue. I just hope they really truly do keep him a Horton and don't give in to fan pressure to make him a DiMera.

Crying jag, basketcase Sami is driving ME to tears. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Make it stop! Someone make it stop! Sami is my favorite female character on this show. I should not be cheering when Andre talks about making her stop talking permanently. Ugh. Stop being so bipolar, Sami.

Now that said, the fake news anchor and newsroom set was really fricking cool. I can't ever remember DOOL doing something like that before. LOVED IT. If they could just end this EJami/Lumi crap one way or another and let Sami stop being a basketcase I think I could really love this show.
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