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About Bo on Monday...

I think there were layers to him. I just think some didn't see it because we aren't used to getting layers to characters. Bo was one character that Hogan did not add a whole lot too but he did yesterday. I totally felt PR and his performance and it was nice to see him reflecting on being a cop and so on. It showed how far he has come in the long time he has been on the show IMO. The character has matured and I love that.

Fantastic show today. SN and JM were on fire and gave emmy-caliber performances. Their talk about Benji was so emotional and the writing for that scene was superb. Just loved it. It was a long scene but it had so much meaning to it. Loved Steve and Stefano taking over the news too and seeing everyone's reactions to it. All around these scenes were amazing. Nice to see Hope involved in the drama too. The newsroom looked amazing. I can't remember ever seeing anything like that on Days .

BD and LK were awesome. BD has really come alive and I just love him changing his name (like Roman and I did in Salem Lives...shameless plug :lol: ). Great scenes and they had a nice finality about him. It's been coming for so long and I loved it. There was also new background music when Lucas called Sami when Kate was out of the car. Whatever it was, I loved it.

The Pub scenes didn't really dominate the whole show and I liked that. AS and JT were good and Thaoo continues to shine. The bomb drama was very good and that ending with Andre seeing Steve with Stefano and Sami just smiling was a perfect way to end a great hour of drama.

I can't wait for tomorrow. This month is off to a fantastic start.
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