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As the World Turns (Passanante): B-/C+

I agree that, if not for the great script writers she has under her, Passanante would be getting a much worse grade than this. She wouldn't know the meaning of the word balance if it smacked her in the face (yes, I know, I'll be getting to Sheffer later). On the rare occasion that she DOES write a decent story like Luke/Noah, Craig taking over WorldWide, or Lucinda's cancer, it's usually relegated to the background while far less interesting stories are shoved in our faces. I want to see more of Bob, Kim, Lisa, Lucinda, Tom, Margo, Barbara, Susan, Emma, and Holden, and much MUCH less of Katie, Jack, Carly, Gwen, Will, Dusty, Paul and Meg (some of them I like, others I don't, but they're all overexposed right now). Another thing, when was the last time we got some good family interaction? And no, I don't count half the town living at Emma's farm (particularly when we never see Emma, anyway).

Days of Our Lives (Sheffer): B+

I know this isn't a popular opinion right now, but I honestly do not believe Sheffer is a bad writer. That said, yes, I DO believe there are things he can improve upon, the first being balance. I'm beyond tired of the Lumi/E.Jami merry-go-round dominating the show, and right now, even though I like all three characters, I would not mind at all if they all were given a nice year-long vacation at this point. Second, we see couples together (Bope, Jarlena, etc.) but we don't see any scenes ABOUT them, which is something Sheffer needs to work on big time. The pacing could be better because usually it's either snail-slow or lightning fast (usually the latter). All that aside, I do believe that Sheffer truly does want to give the fans what they want, I just don't think he knows how to go about it. Although, to be fair, DAYS has got to be the hardest soap on the air to write right now, so I do give him credit for trying.

Guiding Light (Kreizman): D

I know some people don't think the show is all that bad, but right now, I think GL is a total mess, and if it's ever going to get better, Kreizman has to be shown the door ASAP. None of the couples right now are working, IMO, the foremost of which has to be Josh and Cassie. Don't even get me started on how that particular pairing is all kinds of wrong. The stories are totally plot-driven right now, with the characters being changed to fit them. Frankly, I'm embarrassed for Alexandra right now, because I just think it's ridiculous to have her competing with Marina (a girl in her 20's) for this Aussie hustler con-man who's also young enough to be her son (Cyrus). Gus has never been one of my favorite characters to begin with, but he's just been absolutely destroyed with this story with Natalia and Rafe, two characters that make me ill when I see them on screen. Speaking of character assassination, next we come to Reva, my all-time favorite GL character (or at least she was). Honestly, I'm sick to death of her shenanigans and everything she's done this past year (hiding her cancer, keeping Lizzie from her child, kidnapping Emma, framing Olivia for running her down) is actually making me hate her, something I NEVER thought I would do. I could go on and on about how much I despise Kreizman's writing, but since I don't have all day, I'll just stop here.

Passions (Reilly): B-

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with this one. Everyone knows I have a love/hate relationship with Reilly, and there are so many things about PASSIONS that are good and so many that are bad right now. It's basically just a mixed bag, for me.
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