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I would explain all this in detail but I don't have much time right now so, briefly:


Was improving but lacks intensity, boring, feels like the whole show is driven by one story about two people (Zach and Kendell). I know someone will accuse Days of this but at least their main story doesn't feel like two people are driving everything.


Much improved of late. Loving Luke's story and the balance is a bit better.

B&B: D

Everything is a rehash or feels like it and so many characters are wasted. Too much stunt casting and plot-driven material.


Everyone knows I love Days but I do recognize the show has problems and a month ago I would've went with a C but Ed has turned the show around. Things are better executed and more character-driven. Things are taken seriously. Balance needs work and so does the Lucas/Sami/EJ story but, otherwise, it has gotten alot better.


Terrible. Force couples, character destruction, character pimping more then any other show, too reliant on sweeps stunts...basically, classic GH.


Not too good but not too bad. I don't know. It has its good weeks and bad weeks.


Most improved show and I am loving so much about this show right now, especially the baby story. Hopefully, it keeps up. Balance is better and some stories still need work but miles better then what it was.


I am watching on DIRECTV and I thought it was supposed to be faster? T/E/G are still in the same damn spot they were on the finale. The Fancy brain chip crap is awful. Pretty is a waste. Al is bordering on over the top. I am starting to lose my patience again. I do like the Esme stuff, Fox's murder, Tabitha/Kay, the search for Marty, and Eve's gaslighting.


It may be harsh but compared to what this show used to be I feel it warranted. The balance is good and, while they use their vets, the stories suck and are nothing but plot-driven drivel. LML has turned this show into what every other soap gets accused of being and that alone should get this women fired. It's depressing to see this once great show like this. It really is.

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