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AMC (B&C): B
I must admit that I'm loving the show right now. I have never been a fan of the show, and decided to start watching after I heard that McTavish was leaving. I wanted to see how the transition was from head writer to head writers because I remember how great DAYS was last summer. And through this time, I fell in love with the show and several of the characters. Ryan and Annie are now one of my favorite soap couples. I love Annie, and all of her dark and shady background. She's a pretty new character, and I am very interested in her past. That doesn't happen too often with new characters on soaps. B&C made me like Ryan as well, someone who I used to loathe. The same thing can be said for Babe. It makes me so sad to see that Alexa Havins will be leaving, because I love her as Babe now. Hopefully, I'll like the new girl as well. But back to the writing. Sure, there's not action taking place everyday, but I feel that we are seeing characters grow. As for the doom and gloom on the show, it's expectable seeing as what just happened. Erica Kane, the town's probably biggest pillar, grandchildren and daughter were involved in a horrible accident. Of course everyone is going to be sad and upset. I feel that it is real. I hate when tragedy happens, and a few episodes later, you see people making love and being all happy. The people of Pine Valley are upest and I like that we are seeing it. Oh, and B&E made me like Zach and Kendall! That alone is a shocker. I like Zach more as an individual character. I can't really stand Kendall alone, although I am starting to soften to her. And I love Sabine's Greenlee! :D

DAYS (Hogan): C
I'm not longer sugar coating Hogan's lack of talent anymore. I'm not liking what I am seeing and I'm not going to ignore it any longer. The balance on this show is horrible. Phoenix, you talk about AMC and how Zach and Kendall are ruling the show. The same thing can definitely be said about DAYS with EJ and Sami. I don't see how you think it doesn't. I absolutely hate seeing Sami anymore, and she's my favorite soap character. Maybe I don't hate Sami as much as I hate victim Sami. If Hogan would give Sami the edge he took away from her, I think I would enjoy watching her on my screen. I'm tired of the bomb threats and trapping characters together. You want to talk about a wash, rinse repeat cycle? A lot of the characters on right now are characters that I like, but I'm not seeing them interact with others besides the other characters that are on all the time. Can I get more interactions with these "main" characters with the other characters that we haven't seen in a while? The vendetta storyline has proved to be a major flop. Lets hope this next ratings stunt will prove successful, or else this show is in trouble, and making stupid decisions for nothing.

I haven't been watching B&B lately. I only keep up with the show through online summaries and such. I hear OLTL is great, and I try to catch it when I can. And what I do watch is good. I've given up on Y&R months ago, and I don't plan on ever watching again.
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