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I guess I am just not seeing what everyone else is seeing in regards to Luke and Noah, I think there scenes were very good today, and they fit in well with the storyline to this point, Last week they started getting close, so it is not like it came out of nowhere, they even kissed last week. Anyway I just really liked how they were playful with each other we don't see enough of that on soaps anymore, so that was really nice. And I don't see how they are implying that Luke might have been with someone before, I think it was Luke that backed off when Noah was feeling him up today.

As for The Quad, that storyline is just really bad right now, the Craig and Meg sex scenes were so bad that I feel like writing the show to explain just how bad I thought they were. It was nice to see a small bit of Paul Stenbeck showing through today though.

I liked the Carly and Parker scenes today as well, though the Carly and Ro talk was a bit of a letdown, but not as bad as the Gwen and Carly scenes on Monday, those were alot more of a letdown than today's was with Ro.
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