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Gossip for the week of 01-Oct-2007
by Carol Banks Weber

Word on the streets is that Alec Musser (Del) has to hang up his hat soon. But then, there’s protest from certain inside sources that Musser’s fine right where he is.



News for the week of 10/1

News for the week of 01-Oct-2007
by Carol Banks Weber

To avoid Kendall overload, portrayer Alicia Minshew requested of her bosses to please give her and her character a few days break. They have. It was great for her.

Hey, Cameron Mathison (Ryan) did fairly well on Dancing With The Stars, scoring right in the middle, neither on the top or hitting rock bottom. And, he and his professional dance partner Edyta Sliwinska made it to the next week’s round, probably on the strength of his long, poised arm extensions—rare for amateur men—in their foxtrot. On September 24, the premiere of DWTS’s fifth season kicked off, with the women, and then on September 25, the men followed. September 26—if you wished to skip over the previous two days of filler—had a recap and the elimination of one of the lowest-scoring couples (after combining the three professional dance judges’ scores and the viewer votes), which turned out to be model Josie Maran and Sliwinska’s professional dancer boyfriend Alec Mazo, the same Mazo who took the first season’s actress competitor Kelly Monaco (Sam, GH) to her victory. This season distinguishes itself from the rest in that there are more competing couples than ever before, 12 over the usual 10, and most of them seem to know what they’re doing on the dance floor. Mathison’s introduction to his dancing partner was characterized as typically friendly, easygoing, with just a slight trepidation about the flexibility of his legs (the actor had to wear leg braces as a child, and still suffers a bit of weakness in certain leg muscles). But compared to the others, he came off as the most optimistic, hard-working and focused. He better be, the guy has to commute from New York City to L.A. in order to pull this off, with a full AMC schedule and his other hosting commitments. He is insane. In a side note, when Mazo and Maran were booted off, Mazo made sure to put his support fully behind his girlfriend Sliwinska and Mathison (he has to, I suppose, they both teach dance on the West Coast).

Good buddy Thorsten Kaye (Zach) won’t miss an episode of DWTS, now that Cameron Mathison’s (Ryan) in it to win it. He took some time out of his busy schedule to BS with Soap Opera Weekly as per usual about how he would’ve been up there instead of Mathison had he recognized the faux-pharmaceutical company call for the cover it was, and about his “passion for dancing.”

Alexa Havins (ex-Babe) left her mark on AMC, after four fruitful years, that’s for sure. At her going-away party, everybody was bawling their heads off. That includes Miss Alicia Minshew (Kendall) who grew to love Havins like a sister and admire the soap newcomer for growing by leaps and bounds as a daytime actress. It was only when Minshew went to hug Havins that she realized how much she’d miss her exiting co-star. “I said to her, ‘You have just grown to be such a wonderful young woman and have such a great future ahead of you and you have been such a wonderful part of my years here.’ Of course, then she started crying and we were standing there like two blubbering idiots!” –Soap Opera Digest, October 2, 2007

Alec Musser (Del) tried to deny the fans a chance to salivate over his naked chest during a charity event. But one fan quipped, if not your shirt, how about removing your pants then? He did not oblige, but found the quip memorable.

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