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GoSSIP for the week of 10/1

Gossip for the week of 01-Oct-2007
by Carol Banks Weber

If Christina Chambers leaves as Marty II, what happens to Cole? Since there’s no way TPTB will let the youth demo drop, just like that, … how about Susan Haskell back as the one and only original Marty? Could be.

At first, I assumed Portia Reiners was let go as Britney Jennings. But then I’m reading around that Reiners walked of her own accord before the writers were done with her.



News for the week of 10/1

News for the week of 01-Oct-2007
by Carol Banks Weber

“I live in Wonderland!” Forbes March (Nash) exclaimed about his situation as home owner and renter-outer. Previous to joining OLTL, March and his family lived in a nice California house, with interesting neighbors, like a gay, 70-year-old retired and recuperating (from what?) biker and his sexy pool boy. After getting the role of Nash, March moved himself and his family to the East Coast, and recently bought a Catskills, New York house of their very own which requires some renovation work. While living in New York, though, March decided to rent out his California home. Little known to him, he wound up renting the home out to a porn producer who makes money off of a 24-hour web cam deal featuring a sexy woman doing her thing… downstairs in the rental house. The “Adonis” pool boy found out from the sexy woman’s (Jennifer) cleaning lady, reported a bemused March. –Soap Opera Digest, October 2, 2007

One of the newest OLTL characters to receive instant acclaim—from the fans and the critics—is John Brotherton (Jared) who has sparked bigtime with Melissa Archer (Natalie), with nearly everybody on the canvas he’s encountered. Archer and Forbes March (Nash) were the first two OLTL actors he worked with, and they’ve been nothing but helpful, kind and enormously talented. Forbes made sure to show Brotherton the ropes and Archer’s taken care that their scenes work well, for both of them. The soap newcomer’s been touched by the warm, ego-less reception so far.

Taking on the role of the mysterious Jared has been an acting treat, as well. From the beginning, he was fully informed, and fully armed with an interesting character outline that veered from Brotherton’s usual casting type as a clean-cut, all-American boy next door. “I'll never forget the audition because my agent told me to think Sawyer from LOST. So I had to grow my scruff out because usually I didn't have scruff, and now I have scruff 24/7. And they wanted sexy and charming, but also edgy. I was like,

‘Cool!’ … this was fun because there was some meat there. Having a juicy character is what we crave as actors. I'm not just playing myself.”

He also plays a director and co-writer in real life, with a film festival project making the rounds, called Smith and Mike on a Tuesday. The short film – put together last year at $2,600 with borrowed equipment – stars Brotherton and Rand Holdren, and a few other friends, and has wowed the crowds at the Hoboken Film Festival as a nominee, was shown in L.A.’s, and will show in Santa Barbara’s. Those who’ve seen it will recognize The Office’s Brian Baumgartner and Band Of Brothers’ Jimmy Madio as characters.

The Oregon State University alumnus brought along actress girlfriend and New Yorker Alison Raimondi (Employee Of The Month) with him when he landed his OLTL role, after both had done some impressive work in L.A. –SoapOperaDigest.com, “Introducing John Brotherton” by Lauren Flynn

Thomas Christian Justusson was replaced by Carmen LoPorto as Jack, as of September 28.

Timbaland, Keri Hilson and One Republic make special guest-band appearances on October 9, at Capricorn’s nightclub for the Sarah and Cristian story.

Christina Chambers (Marty II) departs her role as the recast. Soap Opera Network was the first to report this.

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