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Albert was no shock. No one knows him and he has zero fanbase. Plus, Anna and him were bordering on annoying last night with the quirkiness. I knew Wayne was safe. He has a huge fanbase and Cheryl has one too. I am actually shocked they were in the bottom with the power of their fanbases. I don't even see them going home next week. I see Mark and Kym going because I think those that voted for him will back off thinking he is safe now.

At any event, enjoyed seeing Queen Latifah and loved Kimmel being on the results show again. Those spots are funny. I also liked Wayne's message to Jane and the classy way it was handled.

As for this week's dances,

1.) Helio and Julianne-awesome.
2.) Sabrina and Mark-very good and this is coming from someone who hates the quickstep.
3.) Marie and Jonathan-very entertaining and quite good.
4.) Mel and Max-I hate Max but they were good this week.
5.) Jane and Tony-loved them. Class, elegance brought to a Latin dance. Nice approach.
6.) Jennie and Derek-felt horrible for her with the injury. She did pretty good but needs to work on showmanship a bit.
7.) Floyd and Karina-I dislike Karina with a passion and Floyd's ego bugs me but they were pretty solid. Still think Karina will lead to his downfall in the end.
8.) Cameron and Edyta-eh. Not too good but not too bad. I saw improvement though.
9.) Albert and Anna: Forgettable and too quirky. He got attention last week with his "moves" but that set him up this week for failure because it was ballroom and it didn't hold up with last week. I feel bad because he had the tribute to his grandfather and it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either.
10.) Wayne and Cheryl-About the same as last week. It showed effort but no improvement is a concern. I think Cheryl will get him going this week and keep them in it at least a bit longer. It wasn't horrible. Just not great.
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