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I agree with you James about the pacing and I think that might be why alot of people are having more of a problem with the storyline than they would have otherwise, when we only see them twice a week, there are alot of gaps that we the viewers have to fill in. The last month has been really bad with that, with only 2 airdates a week, there is not much they can tell, and when we go normally a week before seeing the storyline again that makes it worse, for example Dusty still clinging to life 3 weeks later, lol. I am hoping that this week looks to be a change in airtime coming up so hopefully that will make the storyline even better. Plus I think some of the sudden turn arounds that we have seen and I will admit there have been a few, just not this latest one, might be because the writers had to start going into high gear in regards to the story and it being more popular than they would have ever thought it would be, I still think there was alot of re-writing that went on.
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