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Five death scenes that I will ALWAYS remember:

1.) Tim Siegel's deathbed wedding to Jenny Wolek on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Tom Berenger was excellent as Tim lay dying circa mid 1970s.

2.) Mary Kennicott Martin begging Ruth to take care of her husband Jeff while on her beathbed on ALL MY CHILDREN in the early 1970s. Kudos to Mary Frickett and Susan Blanchard.

3.) Lesile spending her dying moments with her son Freddy (aka Rick) on GL iin 1976. Lynne Adams gave totally moving performances in those scenes.

4.) Dorothy Lyman as Elly Jo Jamison on THE EDGE OF NIGHT in the early 1970s. Elly Jo was trying to outrun the cops whe were about to bust her for all her crimes. The look on La Lyman's face as Elly Jo crashed her getaway car was hauntingly real.

5.) The death of Lisa's son Chuck Shea on ATWT in the late 1970s. Viewers didn't see Chuck die onscreen. Lisa told Tom about the auto accident that killed Chuck and injured Tom after Tom came out of a coma. Eileen Fulton's performances in those scenes were amongst the best work she ever did as an actress.
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