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John Brotherton, One Life to Live

TV Guide hasnít been blown away by a newcomer with this much commitment, energy, talent and sex appeal since Y&Rís Daniel Goddard (Cane) steamed up our small screen. John Brotherton (Jared) is simply a breath of fresh air ó heís clearly focused and intent on doing the best job he can, and heís been successful thus far.

Again, credit goes to soap god Ron Carlivati, who has constructed an impressive love triangle in Jared/Jess-Tess/Nash. Last week, in a riveting confrontation, we learned that Jared fell in lust and in love with Tess after a one-night stand hours before she framed him for a hotel robbery. Not only do we understand and validate Jaredís anger, but it also sets up an fascinating conflict for Jessica because she and Tess have been integrated and now she must face responsibility for her alterís actions.

And did you see the hot flashback between Tess and Jared ó Brotherton and Bree Williamson (Tess/Jess) ooze with chemistry. Of course, we wish Natalie wasnít involved with the big kids on campus, but she is ó however, it only makes Brotherton even look more magnetic in his scenes.

Most important, Jared is no dummy ó and even on a smart soap like OLTL, you can never have enough brain cells on a show. Weíre dying to see what John and Jared have up their sleeves, and hopefully, heíll continue taking them off. Brotherton is one gorgeous actor ó we canít keep our eyes off of him! Weíve already called Brotherton a Cameron Mathison (Ryan, AMC) look-alike, but thereís one big difference: Brotherton can act (and probably out-dance his doppelganger).

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