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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK... still continuing my OLTL foray.

Still enjoying the courtroom stuff the most. Definitely love to hate Marcie. She just seems too self-righteous for my liking.

I also really liked the teen stuff today, I'm genuinely curious about what the deal is with this girl's parents, why Dorian is so mad for Rex investigating them and the scene where the girl and her boyfriend shared a kiss was really sweet and perfect and age-appropriate for that moment.

As I said after Monday's episode, OLTL is proving to me this week that this soap seems to get what daytime is about better than most -- families, lovers, friends and enemies.

That still doesn't mean I've grown to like Dorian's house AT ALL because I still hate it. As I also found out I hate Capricorn today. And I want to like it because I'm a total astrology geek and I love the idea of a bar being named Capricorn, but it's just ugly. I mean is the courtroom a regular set? Because it's so great I don't understand why the other ones are so awful.

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