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Steve Frame
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I watched today's OLTL too. I have been watching off and on, but got hooked on OLTL right after AMC went off tonight. Oh boy what a great show.

I absolutely loved the scene between Todd and Marcie when no words were spoken and he bent over to pick up the pacifier and hand it to Marcie.

Mary, some people do feel that Marcie is self-righteous. I have missed some of her stuff in this but I watched her from day one and the girl has gone through so much in her lifetime. She bonded with Tommy right off the bat. I feel so much for her in this. Of course I have hated Todd for so long. He is getting this back to him 10 fold for when he took Blair's child, gave it away, and told her the baby died. He thought the boy was some other mans and let Blair believe for so long that the boy was dead.

This story from beginning with Tommy being taken away has taught Todd that karma is a bitch.

I agree with you that OLTL seems to be getting what soaps are all about. I am very close to becoming a regular viewer of OLTL again. In fact if ATWT keeps going down the road it seems to be heading OLTL could get it's spot in my daily live viewing.
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